SharePoint is secure web application for document management and collaboration but as a platform it can be developed and extended to become anything. It’s included with Office 365 but can also be purchased separately.

At its simplest, SharePoint is a secure way of finding, sharing and collaborating on information. While most companies will use it for document management, it is worth knowing that it can be developed and extended to address a wide variety of business challenges thanks to its flexibility.


Advanced document management

SharePoint provides a centralized resource for documents, templates, policies and procedures. Real-time document collaboration allows multiple people to work on documents together without having to work on separate files. Because SharePoint keeps a version history, this removes the requirement for multiple file name revisions as people make their edits. Version history allows an author to open a previous version of their document, whenever they need to revert to a previous iteration of the document.

Communications, collaboration and sharing

New Hub Sites and Communication Sites in SharePoint allow organizations to share company news and updates to employees. With a user interface that’s easy to use, anyone can publish attractive content using a wide range of multi-media options. Mobile friendly apps for iOS, Android and Windows allow anyone to use SharePoint, wherever they are. Team Sites allow employees to collaborate with their teams in SharePoint. Powerful search capabilities allow users to find what they need.

Seamless integration

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Office, Dynamics 365 & other Microsoft services. This makes it easy to implement business process flows and workflows to automate tasks.


Advanced security with user permissions and document controls means that your documents are protected and secure. Admins can determine which members of the organization are able to publish and edit certain types of content, providing piece of mind.


What are the benefits of using SharePoint for your Business?

* Smooth and Effortless Collaboration

* Simplify everyday Business tasks

* Fully customizable as per needs

* Hassle free Document Management

* Safety and Security of Data

* Integration as per your requirements


What Intranet is?

Well we can say that working and functioning of Intranet are precisely similar to the Internet but unlike the Internet, which is public and accessible by all, Intranet is a private network.

This means that Intranet is a network that is contained within a specific Organization and is accessible to only the Organization’s members. So, a SharePoint Intranet Solution is just like a secured locker room using which one can efficiently store and manage Data.


How SharePoint Application development services can help to increase Business Productivity and yield?

Implementing SharePoint solutions in your Business environment will facilitate SMART work and maximizes performance and efficiency of Employees. SharePoint at the first place was developed to aid Business Organizations, so it comprises enough features that provide valuable benefits to any Business setup.

And We at NAV IT would like to break down the numerous benefits of developing a SharePoint solution for your Organization. As a SharePoint development Company that offer solutions for SharePoint Development & Maximize efficiency of Corporations, we can undoubtedly assure you that at the end of the day these benefits will significantly impact your Business’s overall productivity.


>Why NAV IT is the best company for SharePoint development?

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