SAP offers a across the board portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). This in-memory IoT platform can help you quickly develop, deploy, and manage your own real-time IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Usage of the platform helps to automate processes at the core and connect to almost anything within the pheriphery of your network.

  • Capitalize the core capabilities of SAP HANA – such as geo-spatial processing, series data, and location services
  • Manage and monitor remote devices while gathering real-time insights
  • Establish next-generation, real-time, machine-to-machine and IoT applications
  • Formulate and explicate IoT solutions for diverse line-of-business and industry use cases


  1. SAP Cloud Platform, makes it easy to build, deploy, and run applications that leverage the Internet of Things.
  2. Access and connect all of your devices, manage their individual lifecycles – and control them remotely.
  3. Capitalize the analytical capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform to detect patterns in data streams from machines and sensors.
  4. Use insight into device data to trigger appropriate actions in your business systems – and leverage the IoT capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform to offer new types of services.
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